How to Transfer Cash Abroad At Low Cost

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For many years, humans have come up with all sorts of contraptions to go faster. Technology is now enabling faster money transfers online.

You can now transfer cash abroad at the same speed as the banks with just a little work. Watch your money fly through cyberspace at a fraction of the cost.

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Transferwise is one of the cheapest ways of transferring cash abroad we have found and hassle is kept to a minimum.”

If you are moving money from GBP to EUR in Europe or from GBP to a USD account in the USA, then Transferwise is an online money payment system where you can sign up with Facebook and start transferring money quickly.

If you are tired of paying high exchange rate fees from your local banks, high ATM fees and high credit card fees, VirginMoney’s Transferwise is a better option.

It is a little slow, as it takes between 2 and 5 days, but it is much cheaper than bank rates and you can sign up easily via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Sign Up Today and Transfer Up to £500 for Free

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Transferring Cash Abroad More Quickly

However, Transferwise is not the fastest way to move money around and if you are in other areas of the world, such as Asia or Latin America and want to transfer from GBP to USD, it cannot be done with Transferwise.

Free Online Currency Converter

We have been using Currencies Direct for most of our cash transfers abroad. We have found them to be faster than Transferwise and easy to set up.

You can check out approximately how much you would get if you sent money abroad with our currency converter below.

Click here to set up a Currencies Direct account. It only takes a few minutes.