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Cheapest QROPS NZ | Low Cost QROPS in NZ

Cheapest QROPS NZ

Please contact us for the cheapest QROPS NZ and low cost QROPS in New Zealand. We can help to source the lowest fees for your pension transfer to New Zealand. For the latest QROPS NZ Rules for 2017/18 click here or to see the latest options for a QROPS NZ click here.

Since HMRC’s announcement last month, QROPS schemes must satisfy condition “4”, which means that residents and non-residents get taxed the same. Many schemes fell foul of HMRC’s rules and many schemes in Guernsey and the Isle of Man were taken off HMRC’s QROPS list. Brooklands pension scheme has remained on the NZ QROPS list after some revisions to their scheme.

Cheapest NZ QROPS

So, what are the provisions under the Brooklands Superannuation Scheme?

New Zealand is an island country located in the south western Pacific Ocean. The Brooklands New Zealand QROPS is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). The FMA was established under the Financial Markets Authority Act 2011.

What are the benefits of the NZ QROPS?

  • The minimum retirement age is 55; there is no maximum retirement age
  • No income tax in New Zealand; No UK income tax
  • No 45% tax upon death whilst in drawdown (as under UK rules)
  • Access 100% of pension pot from age 55; flexi-access drawdown now available for 2017/18
  • You need to be offshore for 5 years to qualify for the protection from UK taxes
  • FSA regulated discretionary fund manager appointed
  • NZ QROPS is zero rated PIE

Whilst the investment options are much more limited than under a Malta QROPS for example, it could be a good suit for you, particularly if you live in a country which does not have a Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) with a New Zealand QROPS. There are five strategies you can choose one based on your level of risk from conservative to adventurous. Younger clients may wish to be more adventurous whereas older clients tend to choose a more conservative route with a stronger emphasis on bonds and UK gilts (UK government bonds) or into capital protected structured bank notes or even holding the monies in a high interest account, although with interest rates at an all time low, this may not be the best strategy for the moment.

Alternate QROPS New Zealand Providers

Apart from Brooklands, other schemes include the KiwiSaver scheme, Fidelity Kiwi, Fidelity Super and NZ Endeavour. The Evergreen QROPS New Zealand has been suspended temporarily. There are currently 43 QROPS New Zealand schemes on the list (Correct as of 29/3/2013). But, we prefer the Brooklands scheme which offers a lot of pension protection and also has the lowest QROPS New Zealand fees on the market right now.

QROPS New Zealand 100% Lump Sum Not Available Anymore

Due to the fact that 100% of any increase in the pension pot can be taken instead. However, HMRC are in discussions about full pension flexibility. Hopefully, we will know more by April 6th, 2016.

New Zealand Double Taxation Agreements (DTA’s) and How it Affects a QROPS in New Zealand

NZ Double Taxation Treaties

Who has a Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) with New Zealand?

Australia                India                     Singapore
Austria                   Indonesia             South Africa
Belgium                 Ireland                  Spain
Canada                   Italy                       Sweden
Chile                       Japan                     Switzerland
China                     Korea                     Taiwan
Czech Republic    Malaysia               Thailand
Denmark               Mexico                  Turkey
Fiji                          Netherlands         United Arab Emirates
Finland                  Norway                 United Kingdom
France                    Philippines           United States of America
Germany                Poland
Hong Kong            Russian Federation

You can find the updated list from New Zealand’s Inland Revue Department.

Click here for more info and for a pension transfer analysis, please send enquiries to info@qropsspecialists.com

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