British Expat? You Can Now Get Access to Your UK Pension at Age 50

“Get Access to Your Pension at Age 50”

Are You a British Expat or Receiving a UK Pension?

Transfer your pension offshore today before HMRC closes the door and receive the following benefits

  • Avoid death tax of 55%
  • Avoid UK income taxes of up to 45%
  • Get 30% cash lump sum on transfer (higher than in the UK)
  • Avoid CGT and IHT on your pension assets
  • Transfer to currency of your choice: GBP, USD, EUR, etc.
  • Choose from the top investment managers in the world
  • Choose the mutual funds, ETFs, bank notes, bond funds, etc.
British Expat
  • You can only access your pension at 50 if you have already lived offshore for 5 years, otherwise you have to wait until you are 55.
  • You can only receive the benefits if you have been offshore for 5 years, otherwise your pension falls under UK rules.
  • You can take up to 150% of GAD rules as an annual pension income in drawdown at the moment

Your total tax bill on the balance of your pension money amounts to around 26% on a £100k pension pot if you leave your pension in the UK. This figure rises to 41% on a £500k pension pot.

Are you claiming a UK pension from overseas? Find out more about how to avoid UK taxes.

Please ask us for a free pension transfer analysis today and start saving.