QROPS España – Transferencias de pensiones del Reino Unido a España

QROPS España 2015 – Guía para Transferencias de pensiones del Reino Unido a España QROPS España 2015 Normas – expatriados españoles que han trabajado en el Reino Unido y acumulado una pensión o empresa privada en el Reino Unido ahora pueden transferir su pensión del Reino Unido en un HMRC registrado QROPS (Calificación reconocida pensiones Read More

QROPS Spain 2015 – How to Transfer UK Pensions to Spain

QROPS Spain 2015 – A Guide for UK Pension Transfers to Spain QROPS Spain 2015 Rules – British expatriates living in Spain or wishing to retire in Spain can now transfer their pension into an HMRC registered QROPS (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme) to avoid paying UK taxes on their pension. Any Spaniards who have Read More

QROPS France pour les Expatriés Britanniques et les Français Ayant Travaillé au Royaume Uni

QROPS France et Taxes sur les Montants Forfaitaires en France Les expatriés britanniques qui souhaitent prendre leur retraite en France de façon permanente, devraient penser à l’idée de transférer leur pension de retraite britannique dans un QROPS France afin de réduire leur facture d’impôt et d’améliorer la flexibilité de leur pension. Un transfert de pension Read More

24 Countries Abroad Where Brits Can Avoid Income Tax

List of Countries with No Income Tax for British Retirees Brits often dream of retiring abroad, but as we are ageing in society, how can you make your pension last that much longer? Here, we look into places with low or no income tax on your pension. If you want to avoid income tax on Read More

HMRC UK Summer Budget 2015 and its Effect on QROPS

HMRC UK Summer Budget 2015 Summary HMRC UK Budget News – George Osbourne reveals his summer budget for 2015 and the effect on QROPS is negligible. What is left of a pension pot on death after 75 in the UK will no longer be taxed at 45%. Instead, it will be taxed at the receiver’s highest Read More

QROPS List Stripped Down to its Skeleton

Thousands Removed from HMRC QROPS List HMRC re-opened its QROPS list on the 1st July and it has been decimated. Thousands of formerly QROPS schemes have lost their status in the new ROPS list. The cull started as overseas schemes had to adhere to the UK’s new statutory instrument which does not allow early access Read More

How to Avoid Taxes on Your UK Pension by Moving to Portugal

UK Pension Transfers to Portugal 2015 heralded the year of “pension freedoms” in the UK, and whilst you can take your entire pension pot now, you could be stuck on an “emergency” tax code meaning you pay up to 45% income tax on your entire pension pot. British pensioners who want to buy another house Read More

The Most Tax Friendly Places for British Expats Retiring Abroad

Lowest Tax Countries for British Expats Retiring Overseas In this article, we will look at how emigrating from the UK affects your pension and retirement benefits. For Brits retiring overseas, we will look at the best, low tax countries to retire in and give some suggestions. You would also need to look into the cost Read More