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UK Pension Transfer Race to Beat New Expat Tax in Portugal in 2018

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Race to Move UK Pensions Abroad to Beat 10% Expat Tax in Portugal UK pension transfers to QROPS could face up to 10% expat tax in Portugal under new changes the Portuguese government is considering for its Non-Habitual Residency Programme for expats and retirees moving to Portugal. Those that are already resident in Portugal under

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Pioneering New Zealand QROPS Launching for Expats Moving to Australia

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First New Zealand QROPS Launching for Expats Moving to Australia Moving to Australia – Finally, a solution for expats who want to move their UK pensions to Australian Dollars… The first New Zealand QROPS has launched for Australian residents. Whether you are an Australian returning from working in the UK or you are a British

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QROPS Canada Pension Transfer for British Expats Moving to Canada


QROPS Canada. Pension Tax Relief for British Expats in Canada “Call a QROPS Specialist in Canada today on +1-213-631-3462” You can reach QROPS Specialists at extension *101 or please ask us a question at British expats resident in Canada, returning Canadian expats and British expatriates wishing to retire in Canada can now transfer their pension

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UK Pension Transfers to France | QROPS France

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UK Pension Transfers to France For British expats who want to retire abroad in France permanently, it is worth looking into transferring your UK pensions to a tax efficient jurisdiction abroad in order to perhaps reduce your tax bill, get your pension into EUR and increase the flexibility of drawdown of their pensions. A pension transfer to France is

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