QROPS List Stripped Down to its Skeleton

Thousands Removed from HMRC QROPS List HMRC re-opened its QROPS list on the 1st July and it has been decimated. Thousands of formerly QROPS schemes have lost their status in the new ROPS list. The cull started as overseas schemes had to adhere to the UK’s new statutory instrument which does not allow early access Read More

How to Avoid Taxes on Your UK Pension by Moving to Portugal

UK Pension Transfers to Portugal 2015 heralded the year of “pension freedoms” in the UK, and whilst you can take your entire pension pot now, you could be stuck on an “emergency” tax code meaning you pay up to 45% income tax on your entire pension pot. British pensioners who want to buy another house Read More

The Most Tax Friendly Places for British Expats Retiring Abroad

Lowest Tax Countries for British Expats Retiring Overseas In this article, we will look at how emigrating from the UK affects your pension and retirement benefits. For Brits retiring overseas, we will look at the best, low tax countries to retire in and give some suggestions. You would also need to look into the cost Read More

Transfer a SSAS Pension Overseas to a QROPS

SSAS Pension Scheme Transfers to a QROPS SSAS QROPS Pension Transfers – In this article, we will explore the option of moving a SSAS to a QROPS. This means moving a Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. SSAS pensions can be transferred to a QROPS. Who is this suitable for? Read More

UK Pension Transfer Rules Changes for QROPS Advisers

QROPS Advisers Must Now Be FCA Regulated for DB Transfers HMRC produced a new document yesterday dealing with the new pension transfer rule changes that will be coming into effect. QROPS advisers must now be pension transfer specialists to give advice on transferring defined benefit and occupational pension schemes. Article 53 covers advising on investments Read More

Self Managed QROPS – UK Pension Transfers Overseas

Self-Managed QROPS Self-managed QROPS are self-managed pensions for British expats living abroad. A self-managed overseas pension scheme isn’t technically possible, but a self-directed pension is allowable under QROPS rules. Many British expats who are currently managing their own pension via a UK SIPP can now transfer their pension overseas to a QROPS for tax purposes and Read More

Many Irish QROPS Now Closed for Business

Irish QROP Schemes Are the Latest to Close due to Allowing Early Retirement Irish QROPS are the latest scheme to fall foul of HMRC’s strict age guidelines when taking retirement benefits from their Irish pension schemes. UK pension transfers to Ireland can still take place, but you need to take special care to choose the Read More

HMRC to Close Around 40% of Australian QROPS Schemes

HMRC Attacks UK Pension Transfers to Australian QROPS HMRC may close around 40% of Australian super qrops schemes due to a technicality. Many British expats or Aussies who have transferred may be hit by a 55% unauthorised tax charge. HMRC have decided to go after large Australian superannuation funds that are on HMRC’s QROPS list. Read More